Appetizer Idea: Grilled-Cheese Skewers

This post  is less about a specific recipe…

More about a neat idea.

Grilled-cheese skewers.

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese sandwiches? Even if you have a lactose allergy, like I do, you can find so many delicious soy-based cheeses and feel just as satisfied with the yummy sandwich.

But there are two things that make tasty (although somewhat boring) grilled cheese sandwiches more fun: (1) mixing it up with new add-ins, such as pesto, basil leaves, tomato slices, apple or pear or other fruit slives, toasted nuts, and much, much more, or (2) you can design them differently, like I did one evening when I was looking for a cheesy companion for my favorite black bean soup.


2 slices whole-grain bread

vegan butter

cheese of choice

add-ins of choice


Simply prepare your grilled cheese sandwich as you like. Once finished, use a serated knife to cut the sandwich into small squares. Thread through a wooden or bamboo skewer and serve warm with your favorite soup.

If you want to make these even prettier, consider using a cookie cutter to shape the sandwich bites.


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