Apple and Gouda Quesadillas

Fruit and cheese make for the best combination. Dessert, dinner, or lunch; it doesn’t matter.

Why don’t we think to pair the two more often?

I was craving a savory-sweet pairing one weekend afternoon, but it had to be warm and melty, and a boring meat-cheese panini wasn’t going to cut it.

I decided to take a classic fruit-cheese pairing, apple and gouda, and melt them between the folds of a whole-grain tortilla with a little Dijon mustard and seasoning for tasteful flair.

And if you’ve ever made a quesadilla at home, you know how quick and simple it can be. Like at-home fast food, but better.


-whole-grain tortilla

-2 slices smoked and aged gouda cheese (or shredded)

-apple of choice (sliced very thinly)

-1 T Dijon mustard

-pepper to taste


-Heat a griddle or skillet to medium-high.

-While you wait for the griddle to warm, assemble the quesadilla. Divide cheese into two parts. Create a thin layer on one half of the tortilla. Then layer a few apple slices. Smear mustard and season as you like. Add anymore apple slices you’d like, but not too many or the quesadilla won’t close. ┬áLayer the rest of the cheese on, and fold in half.

-Coat griddle or skillet with cooking spray. Then, carefully transfer quesadilla. Let the first side brown and the cheese begin to melt a bit before turning over. Let the other side brown for about the same amount of time. Time will vary greatly depending on how hot your burners get, but mine only took about 3 minutes on each side.

-Carefully remove and slice into quarters. Serve with fresh spinach, extra apple slices, or a dipping sauce of your choice.