About Me


Avid baker, health nut, runner, lifestyle writer, relentless optimist, a bittersweet little work in progress.

Why did I start this blog? The all-too-honest answer is this: I am infatuated with healthy lifestyle cooking and writing. In particular, I enjoy writing features and reviews of healthy recipes. I latch on to the wonderfully delicious recipes of others, such as one of my favorite bloggers, Chocolate-Covered Katie, whose recipes are featured quite a bit on this site along with Healthy Fit Mama, A Little Bit of Honey, Heavenly Homemaker, and Nom Nom Paleo. I try out their recipes. I write about them here, and I often give you the single-serving version because s a twenty-something young professional who lives alone, I’m all for single-serving recipes. No one wants to be wasteful and no one really likes leftovers, so whenever possible I’ll post my scaled-back adaptations of these recipes, plus my own little twists.

What do I get out of writing this blog? I consider it my digital cookbook and way of sharing my favorite new recipes with family, friends, and any visitors who stumble upon it. Also, I love indulging my health-junkie side by writing here.

Why eat + live well? The aspiring centenarian in me is dumbfounded by this question. Eat well, live well. Take care of yourself. You and everyone else around you will be better for it.


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