Decorative Pots Made at Paint+Pour Ladies’ Night

My friend Sareena hangs her hat among the craftiest of sorts. I’ve posted about her parties before; they’re brilliant and fun, perfect for 20- or 30-somethings needing to unwind, have a little wine, girl talk, and craft catharsis.

This time the theme was “Paint+Pour.” You guessed it, pouring paint and wine–and let’s be honest, a little gossip, too.

You can figure out the wine part on your own, but let me tell you how we painted the pots…

We poured!

Or dripped, I guess. The concept is simple but creates a really neat effect.

Simply flip a pot, any size or material seems to work just fine (just make sure you’ve got water-proof paint), and flip it upside down. Using a small plate to catch paint drips. For larger pots, you might use a drop cloth or newspaper, but know that the paper may be hard to peel off the bottom later.image (3)

Take your paint. Drip one color on the bottom edge of the pot. Let it slide down. Repeat.

I used a pattern of sorts. I did a round of evenly spaced white drips, and then a round of blue, and then a round of yellow, overlapping slightly.

For the most part, one round will cover most of the pot, but a few spots may be left uncovered. If you want to cover all, do another round of one color or all. If you like the color of terra cotta peeking through, then leave it.

You can try so many color combinations. My friends got a little more wild than I did with the color combinations, but I like simple and playing it safe. Three-color schemes and straight lines work for my taste.

What did I end up doing with my pots?image (2)

I wish I could say I grew them, but my failed attempts at gardening with no direct sunlight or porch makes growing a little frustrating.

My mother, however, loves gardening. She’s got the green thumb, AND it was Mother’s day. AND Target has a ton of cute gardening accessories on sale, so guess who got yet another themed-gift-basket creation by me? My lovely, amazing mother. I’ll pour to her any day. She loved the gardening gift basket I made for her, but her favorite part of it, hands-down, were these pots. She always appreciates a cool craft. It’s adorable to see how she still gets so excited to receive something I made.

You’re never too old for crafts. And mom’s are never too old to receive them.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, the sisters, aunts, church friends, co-workers, Mr. Moms, and all the other people in your life who nurture and care for others. That’s the message I heard in church this morning, the one I think Mother’s Day should be about, celebrating the great people in your life who care for you. And what better way to show you care than to give something you made yourself. Something that took thought, time, and care. And that’s important; it returns exactly what they’ve given to you.

Broke Girl DIY: Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day


Happy Administrative Professionals Week!SAM_5127

How do you plan to thank these wonderful people? The people who have the spatial ability to organize and prioritize work flow? The people who take all your questions patiently and kindly, no matter how obvious or absurd they might be?

Most of the women in my family worked in some capacity as administrative professionals and the care and the effort they put into their work is relentless. It exhausts me just thinking about it. I’m not crazy about the term secretary or that this field is still dominated by women, but the work these people do is fascinating. A lot of it is day-to-day, mundane filing and fielding questions, but more than that, it’s taking care of others. Administrators are the buffers between work conflict. They’re always tending to people’s problems and I’m sure that wares on their energy at times. That’s why admire them. Plus, the power and influence they have over an office is incredible.SAM_5137

Put another way, if the ringleader isn’t happy, the animals won’t be either.

So I found this cute little idea on Pinterest. It does take commitment to do an administrator’s job. So I hope I can sweeten up some of their days (I only have six!) with a surprise commit-MINT.

Too cute, right? The wordie in me will always be a sucker for a good play on words.SAM_5132

So please do something kind for the professionals who are so kind to you. This craft is a no-brainer and inexpensive. A few bags of Andes mints, peppermint patties, or whatever minty treats you can find. Goodie bags, ribbon, and a kind note seal it up into a simple, thoughtful presentation.

Broke Girl DIY: Baby Headbands


I have this adorable niece. Her name is Lydia.SAM_5060

Okay, I actually don’t have a biological niece, but this one may as well be my own. I’ve talked about her before (remember Lydia & Zydia??) and I’ve gone on about my best friend Sareena, her super sweet momma.

I could go on forever about all of the nice, completely unnecessary, but appreciated beyond words, things Sareena has done for me. She is the most thoughtful person I know, always picking up something for me because it made her think of me. I know no one kinder.

So when I saw a bunch of adorable plain headbands and Hobby Lobby, I thought: “I want to make a headband for Lydia and Sareena. It’s perfect.” Can’t be that hard, right?SAM_5053

It certainly wasn’t. I’m no sewing expert, but I can pull together a solid stitch. So armed with my headband, sewing kit, flowers of choice, and a few buttons, I attempted to reciprocate my friend’s kindness.

If you can make a stitch, you can do this. And if you can’t, I promise you can. Just YouTube or Google some simple instructions.SAM_5071

I went with a bright purple-orange combo for the coming summer months and because I knew Sareena would love those colors. I stitched the flowers on with a clean white button holding them in place, somewhat lopsided for effect.

I didn’t remember to pick up an equally cute gift bag, but I did make one quickly with a brown paper bag I had lying around and some ribbon.

Simple, easy, and thoughtful. Isn’t that the way all things should be?