Vanilla Maple Ice Cream

At a work potluck last winter, a friend of mine who hails from Wisconsin once mentioned pouring maple syrup all over her vanilla ice cream.

We all looked at her oddly for a moment, thinking, “What?”

Turns out, her family harvested maple sap every year and made their own maple syrup, so she had tried it on just about everything. Her favorite, though, was vanilla ice cream.

I still thought this was odd until I came across Arctic Zero’s Vanilla Maple Ice Cream. I don’t love their other ice creams, but Vanilla Maple is fabulous! I can eat the whole pint in one sitting because the maple-vanilla combination is so smooth.

Shortly after, cookie dough popsicle recipes became popular on Pinterest thanks to Girli Chef‘s recipe. As good as it looked, I was skeptical because there was just way too much brown sugar for my liking (just because it’s not bleached white doesn’t mean it’s good for you). So I resisted until I came across Chocolate-Covered Katie’s recipe, which was similar, but gave you the option to use agave, maple syrup, or other liquid sweetener in place of brown sugar.

I saw this as an opportunity to make my own vanilla-maple ice cream, and let me tell you something shocking… I liked it even better than Arctic Zero’s product.

This was particularly exciting considering that Arctic Zero’s pints run about $5.19 a piece. Pretty high, but hard to resist. I’m thrilled to have found a homemade alternative I can have anytime.


1 cup almond milk

With a chocolate-covered cookie…

1/4 cup organic vanilla yogurt

1 t brown sugar

1 t stevia

2 T real maple syrup

dash of salt (do not omit)


-First, pour in milk, then mix in each remaining ingredient. Blend ’til all sugar crystals have dissolved and ice cream mixture seems well-mixed.

-Now you can either pour into your ice cream maker and prepare as directed or pour into popsicle molds.


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