I love all my coffee drinking friends and envy the surplus of antioxidants they’re infused with every morning when they hit the bean. But to defend my continued resistance, I’m relying on this Glamour article’s explanation of how caffeine sucks moisture out of the skin (and thereby, accelerates aging). In my head, I can hear my dad’s nihilistic response. Crediting the all-knowing Greeks, he chants: “Everything in moderation, nothing in excess.” Most people repeat this mantra (or something similar) every time conflicting reports come to the fore. I get it. Lots of conflicting reports. Lots of frustration to be had.  Even so, I’ll continue to abstain from coffee. Addiction-induced dependence on anything and premature aging are two things I don’t “do.”

Caffeine sucking us dry (and into irreversible skin damage)?

Technical Writer Farhad Manjoo explains why two spaces after the period is a leftover method from ye olde typewriter days, and thus, unnecessary. Thank you, Farhad! Journalists and tech writers of all sorts appreciate your reasoning/ historical explanation! (Source: http://www.npr.org/2011/11/03/141976518/the-war-between-google-amazon-facebook-apple)