Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup for the Crock-Pot


Remember my adorable Crock-Pot? The one with the damask pattern my mom surprised me with? I used it like crazy over winter break, and now I’m back at it again, Crock-Pottin’ away (my new favorite verb). SAM_4942

Lately, I’ve been using it a lot to create tasty soups. I’ve blogged about this before, lots actually, that I love making big portions of soup.

Yes, this sort of goes against my single-serving approach, but it’s the one kind of cuisine I (1) can’t get enough of, and (2) one that I actually like having as leftovers. Why go against my usual routine? Because soups freeze so well. They almost never taste like leftovers.

Here’s what I do: After making a big batch of soup, I portion the remaining soup out to mason jars and old glass salsa jars I’ve saved. I like to freeze in glass because it’s more sustainable, reheats well, and freezing glass doesn’t break down chemical compounds as plastic containers do. So anytime I need a quick lunch-on-the-go, I grab one from the freezer in the morning, let it thaw throughout the day (leading up to lunch), and then heat it right in the glass jar. It’s kind of fun eating soup from a little glass jar, but you can always pour it into a bowl if you don’t get a kick out of that like I do.SAM_4947

So to make this very easy Crock-Pot soup, here’s what you need and need to do:

4 cups water
2 cans cream of chicken (or mushroom or celery) soup
2 cups cooked, chopped chicken (10 oz.)
2 cups frozen mixed vegetables (or -10 oz. bag)
1 t garlic pepper seasoning
1.5 cups dried egg or rotini noodlesSAM_4952

-Turn the Crock-Pot on low if you have time to let it cook for 6-8 hours, high if you only have 3-4 hours.
-Stir in water, then condensed soup until well blended.
-Add in chicken, vegetables, and seasoning. Cover and cook.
-About 20-30 minutes before serving, add in the dry noodles. If you’re using the low setting, switch now to high. Serve once noodles are tender.

Avocado Toast


Have you all tried this?SAM_4883

It’s not the first time I have, but I thought I’d share it. There’s nothing more delicious, I think, than a creamy avocado. As someone with an awful lactose allergy, I hate feeling like I’ve been cheated out of creamy, cheesy spreads, but I love spreading avocado on my toast because it provides a similar consistency.

And there are so many different ways to do it. Here I just sliced some and sprinkled with a little sea salt.SAM_4880

But you could also blend it to be more like traditional guac, add in cumin or chili powder, salsa for a fresh-tomatoey take on the dip, or even plain yogurt if you want something really creamy.

Try it and tell me what you think.


5-Minute Black Bean Soup

I just learned a new trick. I you like black beans and you like soup, you’ll certainly appreciate this one.


1 15 oz. can of low-sodium blackbeans, drained and rinsed

1/2 jar of salsa (or more if you like)

cumin, chili powder, and other seasonings, to taste


It’s so simple! Just blend the beans and salsa in your food processor ’til a smooth soup forms. Heat on stovetop and serve with your Tex-Mex favorites.

Seriously, it’s that easy. I always thought making this kind of soup would require a skilfful hand to reduce the puree and cook for a long time, but this recipe is fantastic (and fast–the combination of which makes for a real winner in my book).