Gingerbread Pancakes for One


This time of year is all about cookies. They’re lurking around every office corner and a staple at every potluck. And yet, isn’t it funny how a month or more of cookie overindulgence isn’t enough to sicken us? Or at least, it never seems to sicken my sweet tooth.

But the same old holiday cookie recipes, as timeworn and special as they may be, can crumble away without leaving a mark on your palate at all. They lose their specialness pretty quickly, and soon we find ourselves picking them up and eating them without stopping to think about how good they taste (and how the healthified ones taste even better, like my gingerbread cookie recipe).

That’s why I’m raving about this cookie alternative. It’s a gingerbread pancake recipe from Healthful Pursuit. Scaled down a bit to serve just one, it’s the perfect way to taste a classic holiday cookie, but for breakfast!

Who ever said indulging a little was a bad thing was so wrong in my book.

Makes 3-4 medium pancakes.


1/3 cup spelt or whole wheat flour

1 T stevia

dash of baking powder, cinnamon, ginger, and ground cloves

3 T nondairy milk

2 T + 1 t water

1/2 flax egg (1 t flax + 3 t water, mixed)

1/2 T blackstrap molasses

splash of vanilla


-Heat a skillet to medium-low. Let warm. You’ll know the skillet is ready once you can pop a few drops of water on top and see them sizzle.

-In a small bowl or measuring cup with a spout (for easy pouring), combine the dry ingredients; then mix in remaining wet ingredients. The consistency should be fairly runny for traditional pancakes, but if you’d like to thick ones, omit some of the water.

-Pour into size of your choice. You can always make mini pancake appetizers, like I did in September.

-You’ll know the pancakes are ready to flip when the edges begin to firm and bubbles start popping up on the uncooked side. Flip carefully.

-Serve warm.

And if you’d like a healthy alternative to Aunt Jemima’s syrup, try my maple cream recipe.

Merry noshing!


Pumpkin Dessert Parfait

I just can’t get over pumpkin, can I?¬†

This parfait recipe features a sweetened vanilla yogurt, pumpkin, and my healthified gingerbread cookie recipe. All are wholesome, good for you, and every time I lick the bowl I make the cookie dough in, I practically melt with delight. Seriously, that recipe is unbelievable, make-it-even-in-summertime good.

You could mix it up a bit and try a cream-cheese frosting layer, too! Or opt for a graham-cracker crumble instead of gingerbread. What’s not to love about those possibilities?


1 container plain organic yogurt (you can buy vanilla or sweetened, but I prefer to lower the sugar a bit by mixing in a lower lgi alternative)

1 T stevia


pumpkin (Photo credit: meerkatbaby)

.5 t vanilla

4 T pumpkin puree

heaping dash of cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice

optional: gingerbread or graham cracker crumbles


Open the yogurt container. Mix in stevia and vanilla. Set aside.

-In a small bowl, add puree and spices. Mix in about half of prepared yogurt.

-In a parfait glass, layer the pumpkin yogurt with the vanilla yogurt as you like. You can also use the crumbles to make layers or top like I did.

For a special ice cream consistency, freeze the parfait for about one hour and mix up slightly. Freeze another 10 minutes or so. It’s delicious!