Flower Power Eggs

Why can’t breakfast be cute?

Anti-creative curmudgeons may roll their eyes, but chefs and researchers alike confirm that the aesthetic presentation of food matters.

So after a long Saturday morning run, I decided my usual source of protein needed a visual pick-me-up. I can’t take responsibility for this easy egg recipe that some, such as Apron Strings, have dubbed “Flower-Power Eggs,” but I can say that it was very fun to make–the fact that I adore bell peppers of every color doesn’t hurt.


1 egg

1 pepper (sliced into a ring shape, or sideways)

Preferred seasonings



-Set burner to medium to medium-low, depending on how hot yours gets. Let warm.

-Spray the warm pan with a light layer of cooking oil. Place pepper ring in the pan, and then crack the egg and drop into the pepper.You may need to hold the pepper down a bit to ensure that the egg doesn’t creep out underneath. My burner is a bit uneven, so this was a problem. If yours starts to escape, press pepper ring down gently to stop the flow of liquids. Once the egg has solidified a bit, you should be able to let go. But if you’re worried about aesthetics, simply trim any excess egg from around the outer rim of the pepper ring once the egg has finished cooking.

That’s it! So easy, right?







You could also try using a metal cookie cutter like Cutest Food did in the picture below, but I’d recommend having a flat burner to work with. You wouldn’t want to burn your fingers on a hot cookie cutter.