Party Idea: Parfait Bar


So it was my new friend Sareena’s 23rd birthday.

Sareena’s a doll. She’s new to Ames, about to have a baby in less than a month (so no libations allowed), and loves fun-themed parties at home, just like yours truly.

What did Sareena choose to celebrate her birthday? A small breakfast-themed party at night.

We had a great time. Sareena brought homemade Belgian waffles and bacon. Our other friend, Miss Sara Parks, brought a delicious egg bake (served cold!) that I might have to snag soon, and I might add that she made it almost 100% from locally-grown produce. it was delicious. I should have taken a picture!

I’ve been really into Make-Your-Own food bar parties, like the one Sareena hosted a few weeks ago (a pizza bar! details to come…). So I wanted to try a cute little parfait bar.

My friends really liked it. They said it was a nice, light dessert to top off a very filling meal.

Sareena blowing out the candle on her birthday parfait.

Plus, I’m convinced that everyone loves customizing what they eat. It’s one thing to put a lot of work into preparing and presenting a delicious food, but for some reason people seem to get a kick out of making their own more than anything.

We had organic yogurt, honey, cinnamon, blueberries from our favorite berry farm in Nevada, IA, strawberries, granola, and much more.

Pretty fun, right?

And to top it all off, we managed to get a sweet little candle on top of Sareena’s parfait. She loved it.

What did we do with the rest of the evening? Crafted adorable sun catchers. They’re called “Makit Bakits,” and making them brought me back to the good old days when I used to craft a lot during childhood.

And we got to watch the beads used to make the colors melt, which was pretty neat, too.




All in all, the breakfast party was a blast and a nice break from the more common, go-out-and-drink-heavily-to-deny-age-reality approach to birthdays that I loath.

More healthy recipes to come out tomorrow!