Pink Lemonade Pops!

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Ever since I interviewed Pops! author Krystina Castella in 2011 for the Kansas City Star, I’ve associate summer with popsicles. I’m sort of anti-AC, so oftentimes a cold sweet pop on a sticky hot day is a saving (23)

Plus, after you chat with a pro-popsicle innovator about how much thought can go into one simple pop, you gain a new appreciation for these simple sweets. I look forward to blending, pouring, and freezing new flavors to try and it’s made all the easier when you know exactly what makes for a tasty, easy-to-remove, attractive looking popsicle. If you’re interested, read my 2011 story by clicking here.

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Castella is actually a college professor with a background in structural design. At the time, she was teaching and writing the book–when I talked to at least–and so she put a lot of thought into what makes for a beautiful structure, form that follows flavor, and entertaining on a purpose. Very smart and savvy, that one.

These pops, they aren’t particularly smart or savvy.

But they are good. And easy to make. Everybody loves lemonade in the summer, myself included, so I put it in pop form and gave it a little pink sweetness.

Makes 6 medium-sized popsicles or seven to eight smaller (21)


2 T vanilla yogurt

10 medium-sized strawberries, sliced

a few lemon slices

splash of vanilla

1 T stevia

8 oz. VitaminWater Zero – Lemonade


Cooling off with a pink lemonade pop right before the Ames Independence Day Parade. Always have some pops ready in the fridge!

Cooling off with a pink lemonade pop right before the Ames Independence Day Parade. Always have some pops ready in the fridge!

So easy. Place all ingredients–except lemon slices and leave out a few strawberries if you want to drop some in for effect later–in the blender and blend ’til smooth. Squeeze the lemon slices over the top. Blend once more until perfectly smooth.

If you saved some strawberries, drop those few slices down the sides of your pop molds and then distribute your blended concoction evenly between the molds. Freeze for 3-4 hours or until solid.

When it comes time to serve, remove carefully and correctly by letting them stand on a counter for a minute or so, or running them under lukewarm water for about 10-15 seconds. They should slide right out. If not, don’t wiggle the stick back and forth too much or else it may come out of the center, leaving the pop in the mold. Just wait and pull gently.


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