Sesame Steak Salad


Women in my life are always complaining about salads. They don’t like them. They leave them feeling hungry an hour later. They’re not worth the hassle of makingSAM_5859

My goodness. If I had a penny for every time I heard that, I could buy a lot of salads. And most of those salads would probably be the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad at St. Louis Bread Co. or Panera to those not from St. Louis.

And I’d give a lot more than a penny to hear a man long for a salad. When pigs fly…

Ever on my mission to spread some helpful advice, I give the sad salad Sallies (and Sams) of the world one word of advice: protein.

Protein keeps you full. It helps you build muscle and powers you through the day. SAM_5864

And if you add protein to your salads, you will enjoy them more and stay fuller longer.

When I threw together this Sesame Steak Salad the other day, I meant to add edamame–an excellent source of protein–and completely forgot. I wish I had, so if you’re considering following this recipe and have some on hand, it would be a great addition!


1.5 cups Romaine lettuce

3 oz. sliced steakSAM_5863

1/2 red pepper, sliced lengthwise

a few red onions, chopped or lengthwise slices

1 t sesame seeds

radishes and chopped cabbage to garnish (although the cabbage makes for a nice crispy crunch if you need that and want to avoid fried wonton strips)


-It’s a salad, so: lettuce first, veggies next, protein on top, sprinkle sesame seeds on top, and toss in dressing of your choice. If you’re taking this to work, you’ll want to add the dressing later so the salad doesn’t get soggy.

And in choosing a salad dressing, choose a good one. I love Newman’s Own Sesame-Ginger dressing. So good, good for you, and does good by giving proceeds to charity.

4 thoughts on “Sesame Steak Salad

  1. This salad looks so yummy! I’m growing my own lettuce this year, and I’ve already got way more than we will likely eat before it bolts, so that’s kinda cool. I usually complain about salads because I usually stop eating because I’m tired of chewing and not because I’m not hungry any more.

    I’m going to try this over the holiday “weekend”!

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