Cooking Corn on the Cob: A More Nutritious Way


If you know my cooking habits by now, you know one of my favorite foods in Iowa is…e36e8f32a9e511e28e8222000aa82017_7

not Dutch letters. Cute, but not my dish.


not bacon. Iowa and pork are almost synonymous, but I still don’t like it.

Fresh, golden yellow sweet corn. Right off the cob. Almost everyday for lunch. It’s a treat for me.

When I think of Iowa, I think of an adorable little sign I once came across in the Amana Colonies, which had a vintage cartoon of an animated ear of corn proclaiming, “Everything’s sweeter in Iowa.” I think I remember it because it was (1) adorable, but (2) also very true of the people of Iowa. The culture here is mostly kind, very sweet, and living here has definitely taught me to savor the sweeter things in life a little longer than I usually do. Good balance.

I could go on, but I imagine I’ll bore many of you. So let me tell you a trick I learned recently that saves me time and keeps the nutrients in my sweet corn, not boiled out in the water I usually prepare it with.


1 ear of fresh sweet corn, in the huskSAM_5853


With the corn in the husk, simply use a knife to slice off the extra tassels hanging out of the top, and the bottom if you like.

Place in microwave and heat for 1.5 minutes. Turn over. Heat for another 1.5 – 2 minutes.

Remove from microwave.

That’s it! You’re done! I picked up this nifty tip from a fellow foodie blogger Bakerette and am so glad she shared it. You can read more here about how this way of preparing corn keeps the nutrients in your kernels, not the water we usually boil it in.



One thought on “Cooking Corn on the Cob: A More Nutritious Way

  1. Thanks for linking my Herbed Corn recipe to yours. Don’t you just love corn-on-the-cob? I know I do. Your corn looks so fresh I’m ready for a taste right now!

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