Healthy, Baked Tortilla Chips

photo (2)

So many on the Standard American Diet (SAD) will scowl when they read what I write next.

You need not default to a bag of greasy tortilla chips. There are better options. And in my opinion, your body and your health deserve better.SAM_5522

Your body deserves you taking 5 minutes or less to make your own homemade tortilla chip over doing what’s easiest: grabbing a bag at the store and not reading the label.

You can make these with any healthy, whole-wheat or healthful, but gluten-free soft tortilla. And if you have a broiler, you can make them in a few minutes or less.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the toasty little chips I love so much, and here’s how I make them:


1 tortilla

A little cooking spray

Spices you like


-Preheat broilers to high. Lightly grease a cooking sheet. Set aside.SAM_5259

-Using a pizza cutter, slice your tortilla into as many triangles as you can manage. Separate and transfer to prepared sheet. Spritz the other side with a little cooking spray, and if you’re adding delicious spices—cumin and black pepper is one of my favorites—well, you’ll find a little extra healthfulness is you lightly sprinkle one side, then flip and do the same to the other.

-Pop them in. My broiler toasts both sides perfectly in about two minutes flat. They’re thin, so they crisp up fast. Watch them. If you’re baking at a lower temperature, start with 7 minutes, checking every 1-2 minutes after that. Take them out once they’re golden brown and crispy.

Dip in salsa, hummus, guac, or whatever dips you love. They’re also a perfect side and really fun to make with kids. And they are, more or less, impossible to mess up, unless you leave them in the oven too long.



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