Seasoned Fresh Turkey Burgers


You’ve read as I’ve gone on and on about my Oreos-and-fried-chicken childhood. In as much as I cringe when I think about the way I used to eat, I take a lot of pride in the small, healthier adjustments my family’s made to our normal meal regimen.SAM_5430

Okay, I can’t vouch for what my family eats when I’m away at school, but when I come home my parents have been really great about trying foods I like. Our new favorite meal together is the turkey burger. Yum. Yum. Yum. My mom makes a pretty good one.

But I think my version is pretty good, too!

I don’t have a grill, so I broil, and I have a lot of fun trying new mix-ins. Sometimes I substitute spinach for kale, bread crumbs for soy cheese crumbles, and lots of fun to be had with different spice combinations.

So if you’re interested, here’s my standard turkey burger recipe, which can also be easily adapted into a meatball recipe, if you feel so inclined.SAM_5412


3 oz. lean ground turkey

hot sauce

Worcestershire sauce

dash of minced garlic

finely shredded spinach

big pinch of diced onions

seasonings of choice (mine were ground mustard, cumin, and dill)


Preheat broilers. Spray a broil-safe pan with cooking spray. Set aside.

Add lean ground turkey, sauces, veggies, and spices all in one dish. Mix well. Form into a patty.

Trick! To get the patty to cook evenly, i.e. without a big swollen bump in the center, press your thumbs in the center to make that part a bit thinner. You don’t need it to be drastically thinner–don’t punch any holes!–because1/3 to 1/4 thinner than the rim of the patty will do the trick.

Place burger patty on pan and let it sizzle for about 3 minutes; flip sides. One or two more minutes should do the trick.

Serve on a fluffy, toasted whole-wheat bun and whatever toppings you like.

P.S.-I’m in love with this all natural Worcestershire sauce I found from Lea & Perrin’s. In my humble opinion, paying a little more for low-sodium, high-fructose-free corn syrup alternatives is always worth it.

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