Cucumber & Dill Flatbread


For me, meals at the beginning of May need to be everything fresh. Whatever is fresh, in season, and preferably local is best.SAM_5241

So I had a cucumber.

And some leftover Neufchatel cream cheese from a complimentary brunch I pulled together for my thesis defense, which was hardly touched.

And I had a jillion or so whole-wheat tortillas from the high-fiber nutrition study I participated in this spring. I have probably had a large tortilla for lunch everyday since February. I do not understand how I haven’t made a dent in my tortilla supply.

But I do understand that toasted tortillas make for excellent burrito bowls, crispy chips, and now flatbread ‘zas.

I like this recipe a lot. It’s fresh and light, sort of like the cucumber sandwiches I remember my Nana making for us when we were little. And the serving of cream cheese is pretty small, so it did not cause my stomach any agony–for which I am thankful.SAM_5233

Try it!


1 whole-wheat tortilla

1 T Neufchatel cream cheese

as many cucumber slices as you like

dash of dried dill

(optional) sliced spinach leaves for garnishSAM_5240


If you’re working with refrigerated cream cheese (and impatient like I am), scoop out your 1 T and place on tortilla. Warm in microwave for 11 seconds or less. Spread to desired consistency. If you’re wanting a cold flatbread, then pop this in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes.

-Slice cucumber. Arrange on cooled flatbread, and then season with dill. SAM_5243

-At this point, if you’d like yours to be “grilled” you can toast it in a toaster oven or broil for just 1-2 minutes.

-If adding spinach for garnish, top it off with that after toasted. Use pizza cutter to slice, and enjoy!

This would also be really delicious with grilled zucchini, I think.

And it would be really easy to pack these ingredients up for lunch and take them with you to work. A good way to mix up your normal routine.

Even if you’ve been eating tortillas. For three months. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cucumber & Dill Flatbread

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