Zucchini Pizzas

As I continued to eat my way through the infant-sized zucchini I’d picked up at the Des Moines Farmers Market in late July, I remembered coming across a grilled zucchini pizza recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen.

But my apartment, like so many others, isn’t exactly conducive to grilling, and I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a George Foreman at my disposal. So once again, just like with my Grilled Corn Without the Grill recipe from July, I improvised with broiling.

The little za’s were a huge success! They tasted great. And I felt great knowing that I incorporated more healthy veggies into my lunch simply by swapping out traditional pizza dough crust with squash.

You’ll notice, too, that my zucchini rounds were pretty big, but I think using a smaller zucchini would make for adorable appetizers. Make them for your friends with gluten allergies (or gluten-free diets) and I promise they’ll love them.

Or if you’re trying to incorporate more veggies into your kids’ diets, let them make the zucchini za’s with you! They’ll be smiling bigger than this very happy zucchini face.


-3 large or 9 small zucchini rounds (about5-6 mm thick)

-1-2 T olive oil

-1/3 cup marinara sauce

-1/3 cup cheese

-1 t Italian seasonings

Toppings of choice


-Set broilers to high. Lightly grease a broil safe pan. Set aside.

-Coat each side of the zucchini rounds lightly with oil. Place on broiling sheet and broil on each side for about 3 minutes. Remove from oven once they’ve crisped up quite a bit.

-Spread sauce on each round. Top with cheese, seasonings, and desired toppings. Broil for another 3-5 minutes or until cheese starts to bubble and melt. Serve warm.


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