French-Fried Green Beans

French fries are fun to make at home. I feel like I’ve made them from every kind of potato and squash that exists. If you follow this blog, you might be nodding yes right now.

But french fires don’t have to have a soft, squishy inside. In fact, if you prefer a crispier fry, I think I just might have what you’re looking for.

Green beans!

These little stalks crisp up quite nicely in the broiler and make for a super easy & fast side.

The beans I used were actually the last handful I had left from my Papa Lou’s summer harvest. I was sad to see them go, but I loved helping them leave.

And yes, this ketchup fanatic did dip 🙂


1 cup fresh green beans, washed and ends cut off

cooking spray

seasonings of choice (rosemary tastes great or cajun seasoning if you like a spicy twist like I do


-Preheat broiler to high. Lightly grease a broiler-safe pan. Set aside.

-Lightly coat beans in cooking spray and sprinkle with seasonings of choice. Coat well.

-Transfer to broiling pan and let broil for about 4 minutes. Then roll the green beans so that the other side cooks, too. Season more if needed.

-Broil another 5-6 minutes or until very crispy. Serve warm with your favorite dipping sauce.


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