Gingerbread Brownie

English is a living, breathing language. This claim enables me to make up words. No, my words are not made up at random. They are always purposeful and more descriptive of a state or condition than any other currently existing words.

Today’s word is a verb in past tense: “Cookied Out.” As in, I have had so many cookies lately that I am effectively cookied out.

If you find yourself in this state of mind, know that you are not alone. I too find myself cookied out sometimes. In July, I find this inconceivable. As the holiday season gradually encroaches, I quickly remember. December is still a ways away. It’s too early to experience this condition already.

But I never lose my sweet tooth. Oh, no. I just seek a new sweet instead.

I’m not yet brownied out, and this delicious treat (inspired by a similar recipe from Healthful Pursuit) is fixing my dessert conundrum quite well.

Try it! If you like the strong sweetness of blackstrap molasses, you’re sure to love it.


4 T whole wheat flour

1 T cocoa powder

dash of cinnamon, ginger, and baking powder

1 T stevia

1 T blackstrap molasses

flax egg (1/2 t flax +1/2 water, mixed)

2 T nondairy milk

optional: Pumpkin spice Hershey’s kiss to melt and swirl around on top


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease a ramekin. Set aside.

-In a small bowl, combine all dry ingredients; then blend in wet.

-Transfer to ramekin and bake for about 12-14 minutes. Or microwave on high for a minute and a half.

-Let cool slightly.

I recommend serving warm. And if you’d like to have an easy pumpkin-spice icing like the one I had, just nab that kind of Hershey’s kiss, unwrap, and rub in a circle until the entire kiss has melted and a frosting forms.

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