Dark Chocolate Cherry Scone

One of the most calorific sweets out there is the scone. What makes it so wonderful is all the butter, sugar, and oil it requires to taste delicious–enough even to make Paula Deen proud.

And enough to make your physician pale at the very thought of such ingredients.

But you can have your scone and your chocolate, too. You just have to have the right ingredients.

Check out this recipe I’ve adapted from Healthy Green Kitchen. It makes one very big scone that would pass even the highest pastry chef standards.


6 T white whole wheat flour (or wheat pastry flour)

1 T steel cut oats

1 T stevia (or light organic brown sugar if you’re feeling devilish)

a pinch of baking powder and baking soda

optional: dash of cinnamon

4-5 cherries, diced

1.5 t vegan butter

2 T nondairy milk

splash of lemon juice and pure vanilla extract

1-2 T dark chocolate chips


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease a baking dish or sheet. Set aside.

-In a small bowl, combine all dry ingredients. Then push to one side.

-On the other side, mix milk with lemon juice. Then mix in vanilla and begin blending in dry mix.

-Cut in butter and mix ’til well blended.  At this point, gently fold in your cherries and dark chocolate chips.

-Form into a triangular scone. Place on prepared baking dish and bake for approximately 11-13 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve warm (right out of the oven is always best).

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