Bird in the Nest Egg

Two or three things I know for sure, and one of them is that the Disney family recipe site is where I find some of the best recipes. My mini pumpkin tarts, for example, are always in popular demand around the holidays. And what seems like a nuanced recipe is actually foolproof.

The same is true for this recipe: bird in the nest. It’s toast and a fun little egg surprise in the middle. I’ve heard others call it “toad in the hole,” but that name sounds awful. No one wants to think of toads for breakfast, and being the English student that I am, an association between eggs and feathered fowl just seems to fit better.

Anyway, Disney helped me find this recipe and they’re example uses an adorable flower shape.


1 large egg

1 slice of whole grain bread


-Warm your frying pan.

-Meanwhile cut a hole into the bread slice. I used the lid of a mason jar to cut mine, but a fun cookie cutter would do the job just as well. Or even better, perhaps, if the cookie cutter were bird shaped, egg shaped, flower shaped, or even nest shaped–wouldn’t that be something?

-Before adding in the bread, lightly grease the frying pan with cooking spray. Then drop in the bread. Crack the egg over the hole in the bread and let fry until almost completely cooked. For nest egg over easy, you can flip the almost finished egg for just a few seconds on the other side.

Note: You may need to softly press the bread down around the hole’s edges for a few seconds to keep the egg white from spreading too far outside the hole.

Serve up this warm and toasty creation with whatever seasonings you like. I used the circle from the hole to dip in my runny egg yolks. Yum!


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