Single-Serving Cocoa Crispies

I really love Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Chocolate Rice Crispy Treat recipe, but once again, I found myself wanting one or two, not a dozen. So here’s what I came up with for my fellow live-alone culinaires (and by the way, this is a pretty generous portion, you could cut in half):


1/2 cup crispies of choice (I really like puffed wheat!)

3 T nut butter (or 1.5 T nut butter, 1 T applesauce, and .5 t vegan butter)

2 t cocoa powder

1.3 T maple syrup or agave nectar

very small dash of vanilla.








-Mix all ingredients except crispies. Melt in microwave for about 15 seconds. Continue to mix ’til nice chocolatey paste forms.

-Mix in crispies. It might take a while to blend well, but it will! I promise. And the end result is totally worth it. If the concoction isn’t fluid enough, consider adding in a bit more applesauce, butter, or nut butter.

-Press into a small dish and refrigerate ’til firm. You can also freeze for faster results, but don’t forget about them. They may also taste great baked, but I haven’t tried that yet.







I’m considering topping mine with a little ice cream. Sound good? What do you think?


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