Spinach Pesto

I hate routines. I have to try new restaurants (and new recipes, obviously) constantly. But as much as I love trying new things, there is one old habit I’m not fond of breaking: pastas with a hearty red sauce.

I’m a unwavering red sauce fan. It’s hard for me to shake this habit, for me, for some reason. But on a scorching summer night in the middle of July, my palate needed something a little lighter, a litter fresher.

Behold, spinach pesto. Inspired by this recipe and several others from around the web.

Pestos are so easy to make. A little oil, a little leafy-plant base, a little seasoning of your choice. I think it’s great to try and make your own, but here’s the recipe I created–a single-serving size portion, no less!










1 T olive oil

1 cup packed spinach

1 t red wine vinegar

1 T parmesan

1 t crushed garlic

3-4 celery sticks

2 small slices of Roma tomatoes

Italian seasonings of your choice (oregano, basil, etc.)


So easy. Just puree into almost liquid form in a food processor. Serve over 3/4 cup warm whole-wheat artisan pasta.









To mix it up, I added in my homemade meatballs and some sauteed mushrooms. You could also try this recipe a number of different ways, such as using arugula, kale, broccoli, or zucchini instead of spinach as a base. Or try other seasoning combinations by adding a twist of lemon or nicer cheeses. Have fun with it!


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