Frosty Banana-Watermelon Freeze
















What-a way to drink watermelon! This refreshing drink (or potentially, cocktail) is perfect for all watermelon lovers out there, and so easy to make.


1 cup mostly frozen (but not rock solid) watermelon chunks

1/2 frozen banana, cut into chips

.75 t stevia or honey or agave nectar

.5 t vanilla extract


-In food processor, blend the fruit a bit; then, add in vanilla and sweetener.

-Continue to blend until a creamy, but solid consistency is reached. If you’re blender can’t handle the frozen watermelon cubes, microwave the cubes for 10 seconds or less.

-Pour into cute little serving glasses. I improvised with a mason jar and stuck a frozen watermelon chunk in for a little added flair. Not only did it look adorable, it also kept the drink from melting too quickly. It would look very cute, though, with other frozen fruits as cubes.

-If you’d like to make this a cocktail, simply blend in a shot of spirits, such as tequila, as this blogger did.

The pictures really don’t do it’s tastiness justice, but it’s hard to take good pictures when you can’t stop consuming what you’re photographing!


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