Creamy “Guac” Spread

Inspired by Bobby Flay’s Avocado Crema from this month’s Good Housekeeping, I mashed one ripe hass avocado with lime juice, pepper, diced red pepper, and a pinch of stevia. Then I processed everything, chilled, and scooped a generous portion on top my chipotle-lime tilapia for lunch.

…and then I tried something a little different. I keep seeing healthier bloggettes posting about avocado spreads on toast, so I had to try. Might I say it was mighty tasty. I was sort of surprised, for some reason, but pleasantly taken aback by the nice smooth spread in contrast to the warm crunchy toast. It was nice. So nice, I’ll be spreading it again for lunch tomorrow.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about those little jars, they’re single-serving spreads I’ve got tucked away for a later date. Baby food jars are always worth saving, I think. They make for great storage and you don’t have to worry about BPA or other chemicals leeching onto your food from unsafe plastics. They’re also pretty durable and easy to throw into a lunch bag when you’re on the go.

Have a great Day-After-Independence-Day, and hopefully you’re not like me—relinquishing independence to return to work, that is. It helps that I love my job as much as I do.

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