Apple Chips

Collegiate Culinaire: Fresh Cinnamon Apple Chips

A while back I read an article on the digestive benefits of cinnamon. Afterwards, I made it a point to incorporate cinnamon into my diet, though I wasn’t sure how.

I started sprinkling the spice on apple slices, foregoing a favorite mix-in, refined white sugar, and much to my surprise they were delicious! Although I’ve never been a fan of apple pie, this combination isn’t a bad substitute. 

I’m sharing this snack idea with you now because the January/ February issue of Women’s Health is confirming what I had read previously. According to Women’s Health, “People who ate fatty dishes that contained a total of two tablespoons of spices—including black pepper, garlic powder, rosemary, paprika, cinnamon, and oregano—had 30 percent lower levels of triglycerides (a type of blood fat) afterward than those who skipped the seasonings, reports the Journal of Nutrition.” 

I realize that apples don’t count as a “fatty dish,” but I often snack on these slices with other meals or crunch into them when I have a craving for other, less healthy chip options. Or as of late, I’ve been sprinkling cinnamon on my whole grain peanut butter toast in the mornings, with a drizzle of organic honey. Peanut butter has plenty of good fats, but adding my cinnamon-honey drizzle over the top makes for a salty-sweet combination few would think of, and many would appreciate.

Oh, and the chips recipe is easy.

1 apple

1-2 Tbsp. cinnamon 

organic honey (if desired)

Slice apples into chips and dust with cinnamon. If this combination still isn’t sweet enough for you, try drizzling organic honey over the top. Unlike regular, pasteurized honey, the organic stuff has antibacterial properties and is two times sweeter than refined white sugar.


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