I’m tickled that other Tumblr-ites have ignited the messy hair revolution. It’s about time others realize that letting your hair dry au naturale is a much needed break for dry, damaged locks that can’t stand up to everyday styling. Don’t get me wrong, my inner-perfectionista has a difficult time overlooking the frizzy little imperfections that come with air-drying—I love a sleek and simple straightening because it leads to less messing and fixing—but the benefits dramatically outweigh the costs. I gradually rediscovered my wavy locks my sophomore year of undergrad by letting my hair dry with a little help from Garnier Fructis Curling Spray, and it didn’t look half bad, a decent alternative for my increasingly busy schedule. But after a few months and a few days when I forgot to spritz, I realized that my waves were a lot softer and less frizzy when I wasn’t adding in the spray. The chemicals and salts in the spray were actually drying my hair out, too. I started going without and loved the results! Not only was I spending less time styling and fewer dollars on beauty products, but my hair was softer and longer than ever before. Yes, longer. (I spent all of high school and undergrad fighting to grow my hair past a certain length and I just couldn’t.) Now, sans daily heat treatments, my hair is incredibly long, sometimes growing faster than I can manage. But all of that length makes for a lovely curled look when I attend more formal events. And most importantly, I love coming home and hearing old friends say, “You’re hair is so long!” Vanity aside, there’s one more benefit to this new trend, an environmental one. My thick, long hair can take at least half an hour to straighten and much longer to curl. Air drying saves me a little on my energy bills and a little energy for the environment. What’s more, listening to Jillian Michaels’ podcast has me worried about the toxic, and highly estrogenic chemicals used in most beauty products, hair products being no exception. I’ve yet to discover a safe styling product I’m in love with, but to be honest I haven’t been looking very hard. When I do come across one, I’ll be sure to share with ya’ll. Until then, give your hair a break at least one day a week, maybe more, and see the difference.

The “Embrace Messy Hair” revolution

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