By JACKIE HOERMANN The Kansas City Star Photographer Roy InmanFind an excuse to accessorize in a tunic dress (Double Zero $42, available in gray and navy). From the Longhorns and Lace Collection at Runways, 4800 W. 135th St. It seems we retrogress more each season. We rocked back into the ’80s, tripped into the ’70s, and now we’re embracing antiquity — with a contemporary twist, of course. Tunics weren’t always fashionable, but we are fans of modern incarnations. High-end designer Victoria Beckham took the shape from plebian to posh in her spring 2011 collection for New York Fashion Week. Unlike tube tops and spaghetti straps, you don’t have to fidget and fuss with the tunic. It’s easy to wear and flattering on most body types. A close cousin of the shift dress, the tunic is just loose enough to skim the figure and hide trouble spots. This gray tunic from Runways boutique will transition nicely into fall and winter months, but to really make it pop, accessorize colorfully, says Dee Bayne, owner of Runways. “We put on an amethyst and crystal necklace by Vintage Moon Jewelry and added a leather-studded bracelet and a glass bauble bracelet.”

Fashion Fusion | Tunics stand the test of time

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