Stuff I Like (Right Now) | Lupinesse ice cream, workout DVDs and Twitter-size fiction By JACKIE HOERMANN The Kansas City Star Mary Troy’s novel “Beauties” is about a pair of cousins who open a cafe in south St. Louis and relearn life lessons in beauty, babies and the business of cooking.When her nose isn’t stuck in a book about food, reporter Jackie Hoermann is envying Europeans’ cuisine, burning off that food envy with workout DVDs and appreciating the little things in life. Mary Troy’s “Beauties.” A pair of cousins open a cafe in south St. Louis and relearn life lessons in beauty, babies and the business of cooking. As a native St. Louisan I was an instant sucker. Lupinesse ice cream. Europeans have all the fun, especially with food. Lupinesse is a nondairy ice cream made from the seeds of the lupine flower, and its health benefits are a hit in Germany. Join me in starting the demand here. We scream for healthy cream! Library workout DVDs. This perpetual heat wave is roasting my evening runs, so I’ve rediscovered the Kansas City Public Library’s gold mine of workout DVDs (still free). Keli Roberts, Debbie Rocker and Tanja Djelevic have lifted, sculpted and toned my old, droopy routine, and the extra strength has improved my running times. Dickinson’s witch hazel. This ghoulishly named astringent is one of nature’s oldest and best-kept secrets. Removes dirt, cures blemishes, prevents aging and it doesn’t dry out my already-parched skin. @VeryShortStoryTexan tweeter @sean_hill calls it “Twitter sized fiction for your entertainment,” but these fun-sized stories pack a big punch. Sometimes comedic, sometimes ironic. I erupt in fits of laughter every time. Petite, structured purses. For so long we’ve rejected the small purses of the ’90s, favoring oversized luxury bags. But maybe all that baggage isn’t necessary. I predict that the petite purse trend will take hold, and Midwestern women will embrace the shift toward simplicity.

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