Fashion Fusion | Braided details add interest to jewelry By JACKIE HOERMANN The Kansas City Star Hair isn’t the only thing you’ll find in braids these days. Fashionable types of all ages have caught on to the woven necklace trend of braiding beads and metals to make chunky statement necklaces that drape across collar bones. But the strands at the back of the neck are getting special attention from designers across the world, too, including a German design team called Mongrels in Common (MIC). The MIC look from Berlin Fashion Week features thick, mahogany-brown leather braids. Glass and metallic gold accents offset the dark brown braids, making it a statement necklace that can transition well between the seasons. Amy Nix, founder and designer of Nix&stones, created a similar look with her necklace, which is sold at Vico’s in Leawood. The braided-necklace trend is a fresh look for fall, said Nix, who has dazzled celebrities such as Maria Shriver and Jennifer Nettles with her designs. “This piece would look amazing with a white tank top or a white blouse,” Nix said. “To take this piece into fall, I would pair it with a turtleneck or a sweater.” Photographer Markus Schreiber Get “Twisted” with this Nix&stones necklace ($250). Available at Vico’s in Mission Farms, 10671 Mission Road, Leawood, 913-469-1777,

Fashion Fusion | Braided details add interest to jewelry


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